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IONOS is the leading European provider of cloud infrastructure, cloud services and hosting services. With top performance, fair prices, robust security, and exceptional customer support, we make digital transformation easy.

Advantages of the IONOS Cloud

Pay for power, enjoy the perks

We only charge you for what you use. Benefit from live vertical scaling, software-defined networking on InfiniBand, guaranteed bandwidth, and top-tier HDD and SSD block storage, all within our usage-based pricing model.

Data privacy with principles

Trust in our commitment to your data's security. With ISO 27001 certification, we adhere to the highest standards of data protection, ensuring your information is always safe and sound. Your privacy is our priority, every step of the way.

Designed for the user

Navigate resource configuration with ease, thanks to a user-centric design. Get perfect results faster by employing microservices, automating processes with APIs, and using managed Kubernetes for container orchestration.

Reliable customer support

A dedicated account manager will be your primary point of contact. In addition, our seasoned cloud consultants and a 24/7 SysAdmin support team are on standby to assist you anytime — at no extra cost.

Transparent and fair

Our clear, structured pricing guarantees no surprises, licensing hassles, contractual obligations, or vendor lock-ins. Enjoy the freedom of pay-as-you-go billing, optimized for both performance and savings.

Easy to manage

Create and deploy your virtual data center in minutes with the patented Data Center Designer (DCD). Streamline operations via the Cloud REST API, and dive into a wealth of resources from our DevOps community, making effective cloud deployment easy.

Digital sovereignty and security

IONOS leverages cutting-edge storage technologies to keep your data safe and sound. With Object Lock technology, we ensure robust security measures are in place, suitable for protecting business and sensitive personal information.

The IONOS Cloud Activity Log meticulously records system actions, giving you the power to move or erase data whenever you choose. You maintain full ownership of your data, steering clear of "dark data" in neglected storage spaces.

IaaS simplified with the Data Center Designer

The IONOS Data Center Designer (DCD) offers the flexibility to create a secure, future-ready data center.

The user-friendly interface allows for simple drag-and-drop of components, live resource scaling, server customization, and network modeling. Assign storage, drives, load balancers, and firewalls effortlessly, making complex configurations straightforward.

Meet our DCD
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Hosting a climate-neutral future

IONOS is committed to sustainability, powering all US and EU data centers with 100% renewable energy. In addition to regularly upgrading the data center infrastructure, we also have sustainable production and waste management systems in place.

Our eco-friendly initiatives not only reduce energy consumption but also ensures high availability you can rely on. This harmonizes our technological prowess with a vision for a sustainable digital future.

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Unrivaled cost-to-performance model

Award-winning service

Cloud Spectator, an independent US consulting firm, named the IONOS Cloud the top performer of 2020, highlighting its superiority over AWS, Azure, and Google in computing and storage efficiency. We stand out for our exceptional cost-performance ratio in CPU and SSD storage.

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Expert guidance & savings

Experienced specialists provide you with individual consultations on different topics, such as transferring individual projects or your entire IT infrastructure to the cloud. We can provide you with a comparison of total costs and show you how to reduce IT costs by up to 20% with our Compute Engine.

Transparent & flexible pricing

With the IONOS Cloud, you're billed only for the resources you use, offering complete cost control without long-term contracts. Plus, benefit from free managed services, adding value without extra cost.

No hidden costs

Our pricing model is simple and transparent. Enjoy free access to essential services, including firewalls, internal traffic, storage IOPS, and 24/7 support — guaranteeing a cost-effective cloud experience without surprises.

Awards & recognition

ISG Provider Lens

ISG Provider Lens™ 2022

IONOS recognized as a leader in the public cloud segment

Service Provider Summit 2021

Service Provider Summit 2021

Winner of the Cloud Service Provider Platin Award

ISG Provider Lens

ISG Provider Lens™ 2020

Second consecutive win as Rising Star in IaaS providers

ISG Provider Lens™ 2019

Rising Star in the category of IaaS providers