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Celebrating IONOS Cloud as a multiple award winner:

  • Best price-performance ratio
  • Cloud Platform Accelerator

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Cloud Spectator Benchmarks 2020

Cloud Compute and Storage Performance Analysis

IONOS Cloud Compute Engine compared to AWS, GCE and Azure

Cloud Spectator, a US company who specialises in consulting and benchmarking cloud computing, has put the largest cloud providers to the test. Between July and August 2020, the Cloud Spectator testers compared solutions from IONOS Cloud, AWS, Google Compute Engine and Microsoft Azure. Key results for IONOS Cloud:

  • Up to 70% faster computing

  • 100% more performance

  • IONOS Cloud SSD storage up to 4x faster than Azure & AWS

Extract from the report

"IONOS Cloud offers excellent compute and storage performance compared to the larger cloud providers tested in this study. IONOS Cloud also offers truly supreme value when it comes to the performance you get per EURO spent."

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Report Cloud Spectator Compute and Storage
Report 2018

Crisp Vendor Universe

Accelerator in the Cloud Platforms category

Among other things, experts believe this is due to the following factors:

  • IaaS operation in Germany with strong data privacy protection

  • Extremely strict data privacy and security requirements

  • Excellent transparency and customer centricity with helpful and knowledgeable contact partners

  • Comprehensive range of public cloud IaaS and PaaS features and dedicated cloud servers from the IONOS Cloud portfolio

Extract from the report

"With its portfolio of powerful and cost-efficient Iaas & PaaS offerings, IONOS is one of the accelerators in the cloud platform environment.

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